Pray for Tinubu, others to succeed, lawmaker urges Nigerians

Mustapha made the appeal whle hosting members of  Agbarere Development Association,a socio- political group, on Sunday on Abuja.

The lawmaker urged Nigerians to refrain from destructive criticisms  of  Tinubu and other leaders over the current economy  challenges.

He said criticising the country’s leaders over the present  challenges would not in any way address the situation, but exacerbate it.

“I will like to appeal to Nigerians from all walks of life, irrespective of their faith or ethnic backgrounds, to refrain from destructive criticisms of  President Tinubu and other leaders at the various levels of governance.

“Irrespective of the times, we should refrain from cursing our leaders, because the power of words can either harm or heal.

“Therefore, the situation of the country will only get worse if  we continue to criticising them negatively without offering solutions ” Mustapha said.

Mustapha, while acknowledging the current economic hardship , said that President Tinubu and other leaders were working round the clock to address the challenges.

“I acknowledge that the country is facing unprecedented socio- economic and security challenges.

“But, it is not enough for some people to cash in on that to rain insults  on our leaders.

“While our leaders are making efforts to fix the country’s challenges, our responsibility as citizens is to pray for them and support them with ideas that can uplift the country,” he said.

Mustapha, who is also the Chairman ,Senate Committee on Agriculture,said  leaders could not succeed without support from the people.

He emphasised the importance of constructive engagements by way of sharing innovative solutions to the  problems facing the country.

The lawmaker noted that in every democratic system, the positions of political leaders were tenured and that it was needless distracting them with destructive criticisms.

“Until their tenure elapses, they remain in charge, and their decisions , either good or bad ,have profound impacts on the entire nation.

“Whether we like it or not, the leaders are in tenured positions and as long as they have not finished their tenures, they remain on the seat.

“And while they are there, any decision taken, good or bad, impacts on us all,” he said.

He urged citizens to support  leaders with ideas  to make the right decisions in order to succeed in the business of governance(NAN)

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