ICAN outgoing chair charges accountants on integrity

Agency report
Dr Abdulrasheed Balogun,the outgoing chairman of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) Abuja District Society has charged accountants in the country to see themselves as the mirror of the society.
He gave the charge while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Abuja on the sideline of the investiture of the society’s 12th chairman, Mr Oduwa Izekor.
He however thanked Allah for sustaining him during his tenure in office, adding that his trust in Allah, patience and confidence reposed on him by members saw him through the period.
“Knowledge, integrity and peace of mind was also key factors to my success in office, when you are patient in what you are doing and you have confidence, you will achieve your desires.
“I was also able to carry members and my executives along in running the affairs of the district and I enjoyed so much loyalty and support from all,” he said.
Balogun stressed that accountants should be seen to be leaving with integrity because they were the mirror of the society.
According to him, it is the accountant that gives guide to the economic managment of the resources of the country, adding that where an accountant is corrupt, the whole system would be corrupt.
“We are the mirror of the society and should be seen to be so,”Bologun said.
He said the incoming executive should not be gullible to listening to side talks to avoid being distracted.
He therefore advised the chairman particularly to be focused, determined and goal orientated and to build on the achievements of his predecessors.
He also advised him to work with strategies and mechanisms adopted by his predecessors to achieve success.
Bologun further advised the new chairman to work to carry everyone along, especially his executives, adding that he must be transparent and honest in all his dealings.
Earlier, Izekor, promised to discharge his responsibilities by working with all members of the district to ensure successful performance.
“I follow inline with examplary and notable leaders in the accounting profession with defined ambition and agenda of reformation,” he said.
While assuring that he would build on the successes of his predecessor, Izekor, noted that among accounting professionals, they were many inspired talented and skilled individuals.
He said he was open to new intiatives that would help him record a successful tenure, adding that with members of his executive, he would not let the people down.
“We would listen attentively to your concerns,expectations, and admonitions and we will be swift in handling our local complains among other services,” he said.
He further noted that the activities of accountants in the country was basically in every sector of the economy, from private to government institutions.
” Our profession is our foundation and must be seen to be relevant in the day to day governance of the country to protect public interest.
“It is the pedestrian in which we stand regardless of whatever capacity we are functioning out there.
“We need to be more visible and activity involved, every opportunity need to be utilised to reinforce our brand.
“Our mission statement should be our mantra to produce world class chartered accountants, regulate and continually enhance our ethical standards and technical competence in the public.
“We can’t change everything at ones, but if we choose wisely and work together, transparently and honestly, there will be tremendous level of change,” he said.
He added that the true measure of success for the institute and the district was not on the way of executive promises, but on the impact of service to those who need such services most.
He said the incoming executive was a formidable team that was selfless in achieving goals that would benefit the institute and the district without waiting for rewards.
Izekor appreciated the pass chairmen and executives of the district, adding that their performance in office encouraged him to come this far for which he remained grateful.(NAN)

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