APC Support Groups decries none inclusion in distribution of political appointments

The All Progressives Congress(APC) Support Groups has appealed to President Bola Tinubu to ensure that those that worked to ensure the enthronement of his presidency are rewarded and carried along in the distribution of political appointments.
The groups under the defunct APC Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) made the appeal on Thursday in Abuja at an interactive meeting between it and officials of the presidency where they beared their minds.
Most members of the groups drawn from the six geopolitical zones decried the current pattern of political appointments, saying those being appointed were not in the picture during the presidential campaigns.
They therefore said the president should stop further appointments to ensure that those that were deserving were given appointments.
Mr Femi Osabinu, Coordinator United Advocate for Tinubu/Shettima (UNAT) said nobody among the support groups had been appointed, adding that
this was absolute political disenfranchisement.
“This is obviously not the way of Tinubu whom we know to be a rewarder of loyalty. It is time to tell the president the truth that a lot of support group members are not happy,” he said.
He noted that all appointments made so far by the Tinubu-led administration had been in favour of individuals who were unknown to the PCC when the road was rough.

Mr Tosin Adeyanju, Convener of the Patriots in Defense of Democracy

said there was need for President Tinubu to ensure that those that worked to ensure the enthronement of his presidency were rewarded as he promised.
He said  the groups appreciated James Falake who was a major coordinator of the support groups knowing he was fully integrated into the Tinubu government and the process and could help to address the situation.
“Although the point made by the Tinubu administration about shopping for head egg technocrat to drive the Renewed Hope Agenda is well noted.
“It is painful that the huge pool of highly scholarly intellectuals and experts within the campaign groups were ignored.
“That on account of this obvious neglect of the real workers of the campaign there has developed ground breaking frustration, hopelessness and dejection among our members.
“Except this anomaly is redressed the cohesion within the APC and the various groups who worked to ensure the enthronement of Tinubu’s administration possible.
“Will bring irreparable damage and consequence which may likely affect the chances of the party negatively in the future,” he said.
Also speaking, Hajia Rabi Dangizo, Coordinator Progressive Arewa People Support Asiwaju(PAPSA) appealed to President Tinubu to stop further appointments to ensure that those that were deserving were given appointments.
“We have worked with our energy, resources and abandoned our families for Tinubu, but here we are today with nothing to show.
“We are the ones that worked at the grassroots, those in government now, were no where to be seen during the campaigns, we deserve to be rewarded,” she stressed.
She appealed to Remi, the president’s wife, to help talk to him to reward those that worked to ensure his electorial victory at the Feb. 25. presidential election.
According to her, those being appointed now, can not be reached by those at the grassroots whom members of the various support groups related with during the campaigns.
Ms Bridget Torbua-Igbauka, Coordinator Good Leadership Support Organisation said the president should keep to his promise of rewarding loyalty, adding that a labourer was worthy of his rewards.
“Where is the reward system and the promises made by Tinubu ahead of the presidential election.
“Those given political appointments now were no where around us during the campaigns and can’t be reached by those at the grassroots,” she said.
She added that most of the support groups had been cheated in spite their commitment to the party and its leadership.
She added that members of the support groups were tired and sick of promises that seems not to be yielding results.
“If we don’t fight for ourselves as stakeholders of the party, no one will fight for us.
“Even Tinubu knows the work we did for him, and we certainly know that something some where is wrong.
“We therefore in one voice seek for the audience of our principal President Tinubu for redress in order to make members happy,” she said.
She appealed to the president to appoint from the pool of support groups from across the 36 states of the federation to show appreciation and reward.(https://newsatlarge.ng)

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