Group says Osinbajo better prepared for Nigeria’s future, economic growth

The Organised Private Sector for Osinbajo (OPS 4 Osinbajo), on Tuesday in Abuja, said Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is better equipped intellectually to be the country’s next president in 2023.
The group’s spokesman, Alhaji Abdulrahman Farouk, said this in a statement, adding that Osinbajo was far better intellectually equipped than any current presidential aspirant for the task of leading the country’s economic rejuvenation towards future greatness.
According to him, with Osinbajo as president, Nigeria’s organised private sector has much basis for optimism about post 2023 economic activities.
He stressed that Osinbajo’s consistent focus and insider knowledge of the objectives and challenges related to the President Muhammadu Buhari administration’s economic programmes were great advantages towards Nigeria’s economic rejuvenation.
He emphasised that Osinbajo’s candidature offers much hope for citizens who had high expectations about job creation, increased earnings and growth.
“Even though an aspirant has informed Buhari about his 2023 presidential  ambition, the most credible option still appears to be Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.
“And for the organised private sector as well as the citizenry, Osinbajo offers much fertile ground for hope to rapidly germinate,” Farouk said.
He stressed that rather than mere sentiments, Nigerians must carefully weigh the past and current potentials of various candidates towards using their voter’s card responsibly in the 2023 election.
He noted that getting Nigeria’s economy to grow faster than the population was going to take a lot of consistent planning, discipline and integrity.
He said it would also take great consistency in implementation, adding that with his sharp focus, Osinbajo is expected to do well as president.
“The idealistic and very patriotic pursuit of various economic policies led by Osinbajo speaks volumes about future potentials for people focused policies.
“Under his supervision, Nigeria’s social investment programmes have been ranked internationally, but much more good news should unfold when he is fully in the saddle by 2023.
“No declaration by any number of aspirants can douse the patriotic passion associated with those championing the cause of an Osinbajo presidency in 2023,” he said.
The statement quoted Dr Aliyu Kurfi, Chairman Progressive Consolidation Group (PCG), as saying that plurality of candidates and political parties are necessary for a robust democracy.
He added that a rich array of strong contenders would only deepen the legitimacy of Osinbajo’s eventual victory at the election.
“As genuine democrats who believe in the progressive ideals that Vice President Osinbajo stands for, we welcome others into the race.
“We strongly believe that a plurality of candidates and political parties only enhances the robustness of our democracy.
“We are mobilising for Prof Yemi Osinbajo, a man who believes in the rule of law, a man who is a democrat and a great  progressive too; nothing in his antecedents ever speaks of anti-democratic standards.
“Therefore, we do not only welcome the declaration by an aspirant; in fact, we anticipate having half a dozen more, so that Osinbajo would emerge from a very rich array of choices offered to the nation by the APC,” Kurfi said.
He added that the nature of the political competition envisaged shall be one characterised by politics without bitterness.
He said all members of pro-Osinbajo groups had been instructed to address other aspirants with courtesy and avoid getting drawn into the usual mudslinging associated with politics.
He said the PCG is confident that Osinbajo would enter and win the race by virtue of his good qualities and citizens’ expectations to see him build on the foundation laid by President Muhammadu Buhari. (

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