Group task new ministers on Renewed Hope agenda

Edward urged the ministers to work to eradicate poverty, re-energise the country and give hope to young people, women and the disabled.
He also charged the ministers to open up the reservoir of knowledge, potentials and skills inherent in the country.
“We want to see great infrastructures, durable roads, active railways, amazing air and land transport, utilise the sun, the ocean, our brains, create polices that make businesses profitable and inspire Nigerians at home and everywhere.
“You have Singapore, Rwanda, China before you as examples, this is a different journey, the president wants delivery, Nigerians want results.
“Remove all debris, clogs in the wheels, uproot all blockades, imbalances and impediments in your pathways.
“There must be power, the natural resources gas, solid minerals, water, fertile land and human talents are before you, explore them creatively and elevate them,” he stressed.
He added that youths under the Tinubu administration must find jobs, noting that the country must be safe.
He also said that the forum would monitor and support the minister to ensure that a stronger Nigeria was built, adding that the journey to success and renewed hope demanded the inputs of all.
Edward stressed that the president had empowered the ministers to create a paradigm shift, and urged them to think out of the box to make things happen in the interest of all.
“Produce legacies via knowledge and research, recreate and redesign your ministries for greater output. Be deliberate and if you can’t resign,” he stressed. (NAN) (

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