APC-U.S. youth leader urges Tinubu to invest in human capital devt

Mr Oyakhilome Bello, the All Progressives Congress (APC) U.S. National Youth Leader has appealed to President Bola Tinubu to focus more on human capital development to  harness the potential in Nigerian youths.
Bello made the appeal while speaking with newsmen on Friday in Abuja, saying the collective talent and potential of the people drives the progress and development of a society.
”When human capital increases in areas such as science, education, and management, it leads to increases in innovation, social well-being, equality, increased productivity, improved rates of participation, all of which contribute to economic growth.
“Every thriving society has a secret cornerstone. A foundation upon which its greatness is built.
“Beyond the landmarks, wealth, or natural resources, it is the collective talent and potential of its people that drives progress.
“This principle, deeply woven into the fabric of successful nations, is the investment in human capital which encapsulates the skills, knowledge, and passion of a population,” he said.
Oyakhilome said the teacher in a classroom nurturing minds, the engineer designing sustainable cities, and the youth dreaming of solutions to tomorrow’s challenges must therefore be treated well for the society to grow.
He noted that by nurturing and investing in these capacities, societies not only grow economically, but also foster creativity, innovation and resilience.
“For our dear nation, the stakes have never been higher. With our vast resources and cultural richness, it is essential not to overlook our greatest asset: the youth.
“The Nigerian people, our youth, representing our future, brim with untapped potential.
“Harnessing this energy through education, health, and professional training can catapult Nigeria onto the global stage as a beacon of progress and development.
“To our esteemed President Tinubu, the clarion call of our times is clear, while we navigate the multifaceted challenges of governance and growth, prioritising human capital cannot be understated,” Oyakhilome stressed.
According to him, the pulse of Nigeria and its people, seek recognition and nurturing.
”By taking this to heart, we will not only pave the way for a brighter future but also cement our legacy as a nation that truly understood the value of its people,” he said. (https//:newsatlarge.ng)

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