Nigeria, envy of international community despite challenges – Group

The Progressive Nigerians for Sustainable Future (PNSF), has said that in spite of Nigeria’s challenges at both national and state levels, it remains the envy of the international community.

Mr Ade Omole, Co-convener of the group said this at a dinner on Saturday in Abuja, organised to celebrate President Bola Tinubu’s first 100 days in office.

Omole who was the Director of Diaspora for the defunct All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) congratulated Nigerains for the peaceful transition, inauguration, and successful 100 days of Tinubu in office.

He said the was an indication of the growing commitment of Nigeria’s leadership and its citizens to the principle of democracy and good governance.

He added that it was however, imperative that we build on our achievements as elder statespersons, leaders and captains of industries.

“Our followers look up to us to provide direction, guidance and a solid foundation for Nigeria’s political and economic development,” Omole said.

He further added that the continued support and prayers of Nigerains was still needed in the challenging, but not impossible task of nation building.

He congratulated Tinubu, and Vice-President Kashim Shettima for steering the ship of state in the right direction since May 29.

He also congratulated them on their victory at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal and commended their maturity and statesmanship.

Omole said Tinubu’s unprecedented accomplishments in just 100 days in office, was a pointer to a just, prosperous, and sustainable Nigeria that all would be proud of.

He noted that policy decisions so far taken by the Tinubu presidency had pulled the country from the brink of socio-economic catastrophe.

He described some of the policies as the first line charge that had rekindled the hopes of the Nigerian public in their beliefs that better days were still possible in the polity.

Omole said much of the party’s manifesto was built on Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda.

“On President Tinubu’s inauguration day on Monday, May 29, 2023, he announced that the fuel subsidy had ended, reiterating that it was dead and buried.

“Yes, the removal of fuel subsidy has caused and continues to cause socio-economic dislocation in the polity, but measures have also been taken to cushion the economic effect.

“We cannot be oblivious to this hardship, because the removal must have its short-run pain if we must have a long-run gain as a country.

“However, the other side of this fuel subsidy removal coin is the amount at least N1 trillion of savings accrued to the national coffers,” he said.

He stressed that this substantial financial windfall had increased the federal allocations of our subnational governments since July 2023.

He added that it had also made state governments to have a new lease on their financial purse strings as more funds were made available for capital projects.

He noted that harmonising the country’s fuzzy forex regime which had been reprehensible, if not detrimental to national earnings was another bold step worth mentioning taken by Tinubu’s presidency.

“A few days after assuming office, Tinubu gave the directive to harmonise the conflicting forex regime. Another hope was rekindled for the Nigerian people by this singular act.

“These blood steps taken by a bold president amongst others, clearly show that Tinubu’s presidency would be different from usual.

“One of the most accurate measures of a good and exceptional leader is how he responds to situations.

“That not only rears their heads on the spur of the moment, but also situations that are not his own making,” Omole said.

He noted that Tinubu was currently in India and would soon be coming home with investment goodies in the interest of Nigerians.

According to Omole, the president has attracted $14 billion in investment pledges from investors of the subcontinent at the Nigeria-India economic roundtable.

Also speaking at the event, Rtd. Gen. Abdulmalik Jubril, National Chairman Nigeria Legion, stressed the need for a review of the country’s security architecture to ensure effective security of life and property.

He also called for training and retraining of security personnel as well adequate funding for security agencies, adding that synergy among security agencies was very key to addressing issues of insecurity in the country.(

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