APC U.S.A calls on President Joe Biden to defend Nigeria’s democracy Democracy

Mr Oyakhilome Bello, APC U.S.A National Youth Leader, has called on the American President, Joe Biden, to defend Nigeria’s democracy from those calling for an Interim National Government or military take over.
According to a statement on Tuesday in Abuja, Bello made the call at a rally organised by APC U.S.A chapter under the leadership of Prof. Adesegun Labinjo, held at Lafayette Park, South West Quadrant, Washington DC.
He said the rally was to counter a protest, organised by some individuals from opposition camp, to protest the outcome of Nigeria’s Feb. 25 presidential election and the emergence of Sen.Bola Tinubu as President-elect.
He added that the rally was to show solidarity with the President-elect and to let the world know that he (Tinubu) won the election.
“The rally is to show solidarity for a mandate that was freely given to Tinubu at the polls by Nigerians and to let the world know that he is the winner of the election as declared by INEC, Nigeria’s electoral body.
“We will defend the voice of the majority of Nigerian electorates because we have come too far to let some few selected people destroy what we have built over the decades,” the APC USA Youth Leader said.
He said Nigeria’s democracy maybe nascent, but had come a long way, adding that no force of blackmail from the opposition camp should be allowed to abort it.
He added that Tinubu, the President-elect, and the Vice-President-elect, Sen. Kashim Shettima, would be inaugurated on May 29.
Bello, who said he was part of the Nigerian electorates who waited on the queue to vote in what he described as a credible, free and fair election on Feb 25, said opposition parties should honorably accept defeat.
“I find it hard to believe that some few individuals that are dissatisfied with the outcome of the election results will go to the extent of calling for an Interim National Government, or a military take over as against a democratically elected government instead of accepting defeat.
“This is most unpatriotic and undemocratic behaviour,” he said.
The APC U.S.A Youth Leader also called on Nigerians to come together and work with the President-elect and the Vice-President elect for the greater good of the country.
He added that now that the elections are over, it is now time to come together with all hands on deck to enthrone a Nigeria that is the desire of all.
The statement listed those at the rally to include Dele Alade, the Chairman APC U.S.A Board of Trustee (BOT), Chief Emeka Molokwu, Prince Henry Adesanya, Mr Adeleke Lamoriyu, and Prof Andrew Ifemidayo, among others. (https://newsatlarge.ng)
Edited by Vincent Obi

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