APC task PDP,others on providing formidable, constructive engagement

Mr Nze Duru, the All Progressives Congress (APC) Deputy National Organising Secretary, on Sunday in Abuja, charged the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) especially, to provide a formidable, constructive engagement to it.
He gave the charge in an interactive session with newsmen while reacting to a call by Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, PDP presidential candidate to lead the course of opposition parties against the APC.
Duru described Atiku’s call as a welcome development, adding that while they provided the opposition, the APC would continue to take the lead.
“As to Atiku’s charge, we wish him good luck, we knew that about two, three months ago, such a call was made, and the Labour Party said they are not in any position to undertake such an unholy engagement.
“They rather asked PDP to join hands with them than join hands with PDP. We saw a similar statement that was also made by the New Nigerian Peoples Party (NNPP).
“I think that for me, we will continue to ensure and hope that the opposition party will rise up to the occasion, give a formidable, constructive engagement to our political party.
“It is theirs to provide the opposition, but it is also for APC to continue to take the lead,” Duru said.
He also reacted to the Supreme Court judgment on eight states, including Kano and Plaetue States, saying the Apex Court ruling was commendable.
“The Law is based on facts and if for anything, I want to believe that we should applaud our judiciary for again, rising up to the occasion.
“And then espousing the law in a way that Nigerians are confident that they can actually take their differences and grievances to an impartial arbiter.
“And there will be justice dispensed in a way that is satisfactory to all parties involved,” he said.
Duru said the Apex Court judgment was commendable, adding that in spite of insinuations and suspicion of interference in the judiciary, the ruling proved that the judiciary was essentially independent.
He added that the judgment gave confidence to both the political actors that the only way they could win election really and frankly, was to reach to the electorate by canvassing their views, ideas and sharing their manifestos.
The APC Deputy National Organising Secretary said when this was done, politicians would win elections fairly and squarely.
“In my view, I think it is a moment for Nigerians to be happy. I also believe that it has in a way douse tension in the country,”he said.
He explained that the ruling of the Supreme Court in the case of Kano State governorship election and other states, does not in anyway denigrate one section of the arms of the judiciary against the other.
He said the different courts as expected, had different understanding of the case, adding that there was no politics whatsoever as was being insinuated in some quarters.
“I did not see any politics in it. I did not also see any arrangement on the basis of that. What did happen was that at the trial court, they understood the fact differently.
“At the Court of Appeal they also understood it, but more importantly at the Supreme Court which is the final arbiter in the judicial process, a different understanding was given to it and a pronouncement was made accordingly,” Duru stressed.(https://newsatlarge.ng)

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