APC Campaign Council explains media attacks on Tinubu

The All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) Medical Directorate has explained that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the party’s presidential candidate is being attacked in the media because of his growing popularity and acceptability.
Dr Ikechukwu Odikpo, Director of the directorate gave the explaination at a presidential campaign medical town hall meeting organised by the directorate on Saturday in Abuja.
Odikpo said the event was historic in the country’s medical evolution as it assembled the best across Nigeria’s medicare to dialogue on how to better the health care sector and services.
He also said that the event was an opportunity to bring to the front burner solutions and prospects of charting a new effective and efficient medical services for the country.
He said since the return of democracy in the country in 1999, he had always admired the good fortunes of Lagos politicians because they had a great leader in Tinubu.
Odikpo added that he had secretly wished he was from Lagos State, saying Lagos politicians had enjoyed awesome mentorship as well a structured organisational order courtesy of Tinubu.
He further added that Tinubu, a former two-term governor of Lagos State had extraordinary talents hunter and builder.
According to Odikpo, history has beckoned on Tinubu to succeed President Mohammad Buhari who has layed the foundation for him to build on because he had been destined to change the Nigerian narratives.
“It’s only ripe fruits that get stoned, you are ripe hence all the attacks but no man can change your God’s destiny.
“Surely you will build a better Nigeria that we all will be very proud of, like Lagos state of today under your governorship.
“Yesterday is no longer ours to recover but tomorrow is ours to win and we must win our tomorrow in the interest of our future generations and our great country Nigeria,” he said.
He assured that if elected as the country’s next president, Tinubu would change the narrative in the country’s health sector.
He explained that healthcare as presented in Tinubu’s manifesto was a complete document, covering critical areas like human resources, brain drain, health tourism, infrastructure, universal health care,health financing.
“But we want Nigerians especially medicare professionals and our
youths to be part of our actions and decisions hence this town hall meeting.
“To carry a positive action in life, you must develop a positive vision.
“When health Is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, strength cannot fight, Intelligence cannot be applied, art cannot become manifest and wealth becomes useless.
So, health is wealth, let’s create a wealthy nation by putting our health care services in the right perspective with Tinubu as the country’s next president,” he said.
Odikpo noted that Nigeria was blessed with great potentials to lead the world in almost all areas of human endeavors, but was being weighed down by her environment.
He said there was therefore need to change our environment so we could start excelling like the western world.
He added that Nigerians should be thankful to God for having Tinubu, an astute visionary leader who changed the environmental narrative of Lagos State.
“He will by the grace of God, be on the driver’s seat of Nigeria as
President come May 29th, 2023, the wheel of change will be accelerated by his wealth of experience and statesmanship,” he said(https://newsatlarge.ng)

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